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Jetting | Cable Blowing Machines

Discover Plumett’s innovative range of jetting and cable blowing machines designed to streamline your telecommunications projects. From the compact and electric OptiJet™ series to the intelligent monitoring capabilities of the IntelliJet™ and Intelli-MicroJet™ machines, Plumett offers solutions for various cable and fiber installation needs. Whether you require flexibility with the MiniJet™ or the convenience of the UltimaZ™ Electric and UltimaZ™ P2P series, Plumett has you covered. The SuperJet™ and CableJet™ machines provide exceptional performance for demanding requirements, ensuring reliable installations every time. With Rally Rep’s expert support, you can confidently select the perfect Plumett machine for your project, enhancing efficiency and productivity from start to finish.

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Duraline specialty cable

Cable Pushers

Explore our range of cable pushers designed to streamline cable installation processes in various infrastructures. The Cable Feeder series offers compact, lightweight, and hydraulically driven solutions, enhancing installation distances and reducing the stress of pulling. With a maximum feeding or pushing force of 6000 N and admitted cable diameters ranging from 8 to 160 mm, these pushers ensure smooth operations in trenches, ducts, or tunnels. The Rod&Roll pusher optimizes the usage of existing infrastructure, facilitating network rehabilitation for rods up to Ø 15 mm and cables Ø 8-20 mm. For large power cables in energy distribution networks, the Watucab™ delivers exceptional performance, handling the highest requirements with ease. With a maximum pushing force of 1350 daN and admitted single cable diameters ranging from 45 to 160 mm, the Watucab™ offers versatility and reliability. Lastly, the Snake-Eye™ provides clarity in underground infrastructure, assisting with installation, revamping, or rework tasks, ensuring seamless operations. With Rally Rep’s support, finding the right cable pusher for your project becomes effortless, enhancing efficiency and productivity throughout the installation process.

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Duraline specialty cable

Cable Pulling Winches

Explore our range of cable-pulling winches designed to enhance efficiency and flexibility in various applications. The Capstan Winches on Trailers offer exceptional flexibility, allowing you to stay mobile while benefiting from the advantages of capstan winches. With a maximum pulling force ranging from 20 to 30 kN (2000-3000 kg), these winches ensure reliable performance on the go. Our compact and lightweight Capstan Winch series combines robust performance with easy operation, providing versatile solutions for cable-pulling tasks. With a maximum pulling force ranging from 11 to 20 kN (1100-2000 kg), these winches are ideal for a wide range of applications. Poles also have their dedicated winch series for efficiently building and maintaining overhead line networks. Our Pole Winch series features rope diameters of 6-7 mm, ensuring reliable performance in overhead line maintenance tasks.

Additionally, our Drum Winch series enables the installation or maintenance of overhead line networks directly from the ground. With hydraulic coil loading, a pulling force of 15 kN, and adjustable speed (0-100 m/min), the RDWH 1500 series offers efficient and convenient solutions for cable pulling tasks. With Rally Rep’s support, finding the right cable pulling winch for your specific needs becomes seamless, ensuring enhanced productivity and performance in your operations.

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Duraline specialty cable


Discover our range of accessories designed to optimize cable installation processes and enhance overall efficiency. The Lubricator extends jetting distances while reducing stress on equipment, making it ideal for cables Ø 0.8 to 24 mm and ducts OD 3 to 50 mm. The Y-Connector optimizes available space in occupied ducts, allowing for the installation of additional cables or microducts, suitable for cables Ø 9 to 36 mm and ducts OD 20 to 63 mm. Increase daily production with the Figaro / Figarino accessory, particularly useful when the total drum length exceeds the installation capacity of available jetting units, designed for cables Ø 4 to 24 mm. Improve jetting performance with the Air After-Cooler, recommended for ambient temperatures exceeding 20°C (68°F). Ensure stability during cable laying with the Drumstand, supporting drums up to 500-6000 kg in weight and OD max. of 1200-2800 mm. The Cable Drum Trailer combines versatility and handling for quick and safe setup, accommodating drums of Ø 1200 – 2400 mm with a max. width of 1200 mm and a max. weight of 1350 kg. Use our lubricant for smooth cable installation into ducts, and the Floating Kit for water-assisted longhaul cable installation. The Multi-Duct (MD) accessory enables simultaneous installation of several microducts, optimizing existing networks. Monitor and record important values during installation with the MP 50 and IntelliBox™ electronic assistants, ensuring precise control and supervision of cable laying processes. With Rally Rep’s assistance, finding the right accessories for your cable installation needs becomes seamless, ensuring efficient and successful operations.

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Plumett’s mission has always been to lighten the load of the workforce by using its mechanical innovations: capstan winches for snow groomers and facade maintenance, viticulture equipment, or oil circulators for the railway industry. Since 1953, the design and supply of equipment for the installation of all-terrain cables for energy and telecommunications have become its core activity.

Calculating Your Needs

 Rally Reps are here to provide information on compatible fiber optic cable and MicroDuct products. We can help calculate the optimal fill percentage as well as many other variables as you plan a cable installation. 


Which technique are you using for your project installation? Our staff of highly trained and specialized engineers have been hands-on, problem-solving with the telecommunications industry for more than nearly half a century.


The systematic replacement of underground copper cables by fibre optic cables is essential to allow users to make efficient connections in areas such as healthcare, entertainment or work. Plumettaz has pioneered the facilitation of the extraction and replacement of obsolete cables. From the phone to 5G, reduce the laying effort and increase your connections.