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Duraline specialty cable


Dura-Line’s Speciality Conduits are designed and manufactured to perform to meet application-specfic requirements such as aerial, locatable, providing superior mechanical protection, and fire resistant spaces. Customers using Specialty products leverage the unique characteristics for particular projects.

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Duraline specialty cable

Micro Technology

MicroTechnology is a term given to smaller conduits and fiber used in Inside and Outside Plant Construction (ISP and OSP). MicroDucts were developed as a solution to house fiber cables that were smaller in size, but still carried significant capacity. Today, MicroCables range from 6 to 432-fiber counts. The glass fibers are the same type as those used in traditional fiber cables, only the cable design has been altered to reduce the diameter of the cable sheath and support system. MicroDucts bundled under one sheath are called FuturePath and provide multiple ducts in one structure for future expansion of networks.

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Duraline specialty cable

Standard HDPE

Dura-Line manufactures standard High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) conduits for standard installation applications such as standard underground, as innerducts in existing conduits, or corrugated products to use in congested areas. HDPE is a flexible and resilient material. It provides superior resistance to natural or mechanical damage, and has excellent low temperature properties to handle cold weather.

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Calculating Your Needs

 Rally Reps are here to provide information on compatible fiber optic cable and MicroDuct products. We can help calculate the optimal fill percentage as well as many other variables as you plan a cable installation. 


Which technique are you using for your project installation? Our staff of highly trained and specialized engineers have been hands-on, problem-solving with the telecommunications industry for more than nearly half a century.

Dura-Line Mission

At Dura-Line we aspire to a more connected world, because we believe every company, every community, every person deserves the chance to advance their lives through better access to high-speed broadband. We at Dura-Line are committed to growing our footprint globally, evolving and innovating our product portfolio and business model, and launching new solutions and services that address the key challenges of humanity.